Fruit2O | Product Launch

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Measures of Success

  • Interaction rates 9x category averages.
  • Response rates 3x category averages.
  • Halo effect achieved for the base Fruit2O brand from the Essentials launch.

How We Did It

Fruit2O was the first flavored water brand on the market. When initially acquired by SunnyD, the venerable brand immediately benefited from a new level of commitment playing out in the form of updates to brand identity, as well as increased advertising, and digital marketing support. Enlighten was first tagged to establish a competitive online presence via a new brand site that firmly reestablished the core attributes of the brand: water, refreshment, and fruit flavor. Subsequent to that successful effort, we were asked to help launch a new product line: Fruit2O Essentials.

For the initial product launch, Enlighten created a unique digital campaign with a particular emphasis on both social and targeted media placement. Essential2You, grew directly from key market research and our belief in reaching out to consumers in a way that is meaningful, emotional, and irresistibly engaging. In support of the twin goals of awareness and trial, Enlighten drove interest and involvement in the following ways:

  • Prospects shared their thoughts and stories on the launch microsite and within ad banners in response to the question: What is essential 2 you?
  • Expandable banner ads drove home the “nutrients equal to two servings of fruit” message while also promoting trial via coupon offers
  • Fitness guru Desi Bartlett drew consumers to the site via weekly rich media health and fitness tips
  • Full integration with the Fruit2O Enlighten-created Facebook property helped extend community interest and activity around the Fruit2O Essentials launch
  • Yahoo! Consumer Direct media placement with Nielsen Homescan afforded the campaign the ability to closely target, measure, and optimize the campaign.

Insights for Success

  • Multiple campaign concepts can be efficiently deployed online to help ensure best results.
  • A meaningful celebrity tie-in can be effective (key word: “meaningful”).
  • Consumers will engage with both frivolous or more thoughtful polling topics as long as the tenor of the poll resonates with the overall context.
  • Integrating and leveraging other offline activities and events, for instance Cause and Event marketing, can generate meaningful increases in traffic and engagement.