Kristen Marzonie | @Kris10_Elise |  Social Marketing Manager

Jul 7, 2014

How to Clean Up Your Social Networks for Employers

The days of cover letters are coming to an end now that 77% of all recruiters are using social media to search out new talent, …

Enlighten | @EnlightenAgency |  Speaking

Jun 15, 2014

Speaking at Self.Conference

        Public speaking is often listed as the most common phobia – more universally feared than heights, bugs, flying, or, as Seinfeld …

Tom Beck | @laughingrobots |  President

Jun 10, 2014

Lyrically Speaking: A Recap of Apple’s WWDC 2014, In Verse

  Apple hosted their annual Worldwide Developers Conference last week. Here’s the highlights of their announcements… captured in verse. Predictive text, hell yes And iCloud’s in …

Adam Kempa | @adamkempa | 

Apr 23, 2014

Oculus Shift

You guys. Building virtual reality is exceptionally hard.

Asif Gill | @asifg |  Senior Software Engineer

Mar 27, 2014

Japanese Indie Innovation

The Japanese hit the South by Southwest (SXSW) trade show with an impressive showing in 2014.  Four particular projects that were soliciting input from passers-by …