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Jan 23, 2013

Social Media Director Contributes to iMedia Connection: 5 Fatal Ways Brands Overshare

When it comes to Facebook or Twitter, how do you handle the line between authenticity (sharing honest moments that resonate with your followers) and excess (oversharing and potentially losing followers)? Social Media Director at Enlighten, Brad Brief, delved into this particular subject for iMedia Connection by providing us with The 5 fatal ways brands overshare on social media. If you’re a business executive and want to keep your name and brand far away from the phrase “TMI,” be mindful of the following 5 boundaries:

  1. Keep quiet about company earnings. Anything that happens behind a closed door should stay there.
  2. Don’t spill business secrets. Any information that could benefit another company is the sort of thing that should remain off social media.
  3. Refrain from voicing controversial opinions. If you feel the urge to rant about something that could be polarizing, don’t turn to Facebook or Twitter. Find a friend before you find the keyboard.
  4. Know the right level of humor for your business. There’s a big difference between an innocent knock-knock joke and bathroom humor—and you should know which is right or not for your brand.
  5. Avoid posting intimate photos or statuses. Anything extremely personal or intimate (family photos or your child’s’ name, for example) is probably not the right thing to be sharing—both for your brand and for the privacy of your family.

To read Brad’s article in its entirety, click here.